Five Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading for Eyebrows - The MLA FAQ

Learn | MLA Staff

Five Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading for Eyebrows - The MLA FAQ

Learn | MLA Staff

At Microblading LA, we field questions about microblading eyebrows everyday on Instagram and Facebook. We'll cover microblading during pregnancy, microblading training, tattoo coverups, what kind of ink we use for microblading, and more! So without further ado, we present the MLA FAQ:

1. Can I get my microblading for my eyebrows while pregnant?

Our policy is no. The truth is, there is very little scientific research on the effects of tattoo ink and the pigments we use, especially on pregnancy. While common thought is that the risk is low, without advanced research, our policy is to wait to perform microblading until after breastfeeding. This reduces the risk to zero. In addition to any health concerns, it’s worth considering that any baby weight will change the skin and thus change the appearance of the microbladed brow. Better to wait!

2. Can you cover an eyebrow tattoo with microblading?

It depends! We ask you to email us pictures of your eyebrows without makeup so we can see how thick the eyebrow tattoo is. Different artists will give you different answers as to the extent of what they can do. Every face is different. If you’re thinking about microblading and you already have an eyebrow tattoo, snap a no-makeup selfie first and let us take a look.

3. What kind of ink do you use?

We use Li pigments for microblading.

4. Do you teach a microblading course?

Yes, as a matter of fact we do! We are working on building out our website to share more info. In the meantime, send us an email or a DM on Instagram, and we’ll add you to our email list which has all of the information about our microblading courses.
A few key facts:
  • Small class sizes (12 or under)
  • 4-Day Intensive
  • Work one-on-one with MLA instructors and founder Lindsey Ta
  • Learn the patterns and mapping skills that made Lindsey Ta the winner of the 2016 World of Microblading Championship
  • Learn to work with a variety of clients and skin types to make customized brows
  • Includes starter kit for your first several clients.
Contact us if you’re curious about learning microblading in Los Angeles.

5. How much is microblading?

We list our prices here. They vary from artist to artist, and as of this writing range from $700 to $900. Around Los Angeles, prices can vary to slightly lower than ours to up to $1200 or more. We always suggest to find the microblading artist that is right for you. Ask to look at their previous work, ask to look at healed work, and find a client who matches the skin type and look you want! Your face is worth it… don’t ask your microblading artist to “play jazz” with your face! 
Do you have questions about microblading?
Visit our Instagram for Microblading LA and send us a DM with your question. We’ll post our favorite and most common questions on a future blog!
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